I will continue to struggle despite the irritating mistakes.


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baby: t- t-
parents: the baby's first words!
baby: t- thh- th-
parents: three??? thing???
baby: t- tha- tha-
baby: That’s right, I am Kira. And what can you do? Kill me right here? Hear this: I’m not only Kira, but I’m also God of the new world. Kira has become law in the world we now live. He’s the one who’s maintaining order. I have become justice, the only hope for mankind. Kill me? Is that really the right thing to do? Since Kira’s appearance six years ago, wars have stopped and global crime rates have been reduced by over 70%, but it’s not enough! This world is still rotten… with too many rotten people…. Somebody has to do this! And when I first got that notebook all those years ago, I knew I had to do it—no, I was the only one who could! I understood that killing people was a crime. THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY! THE WORLD HAD TO BE FIXED! A purpose given to me! Only I could do it! Who else could’ve done it and come this far?! WOULD THEY’VE KEPT GOING?! … The only one… who can create a new world… is me…


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What are you?


Nagisa is SO CUTE ヾ(>ᴗ<)ノ

"You’ve really worked hard, haven’t you?”

"Y E S !"

"Draw me like one of your French girls"


when people see me out of the house

I always longed for everybody to stand there.
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Midorima to my Takao.
I don’t want it to end like this.
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